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The source of the Universe is a unity out of which the multiplicity of objects and forces which we see around us have sprung.
The Bible and the Vedas ( the oldest Hindu scriptures ) says the first creation was light, and after that came all others forms.
The ancient Egyptians affirmed that light is the element in the material universe which is nearest to divinity.
Scientific research has discovered increasing confirmation that all matter is ultimately the condensation of radiant energy, that is, of light. In fact, it is possible in the laboratory to convert light into matter, and to convert matter back again into light.
God created light out of Himself, out of His own Being, as a spider spins a web out of its own body.
In the Esoteric Path there is neither Light nor Darkness, nor experiences, because you then learn to transcend time. You must find the Eternal which has no beginning and no ending. When you have found it, then you have found That out of which God Himself draws His own Substance. You will then merge with God into the Ultimate Reality.

When you understand that everything that passes through your mind is thought or idea, and therefore an illusion, you are ready for the ultimate discovery, which is usually kept secret because one must have a certain amount of mental courage to face it. This ultimate discovery is that life, the universe, human life, are nothing but a dream, an illusion.
Thinking, moving, acting in this material world are merely different manifestations of spiritual consciousness.
Consciousness, in its own pure state, is reality. However, consciousness itself may take various forms, so if you wish to find the Ultimate, you must find the final consciousness, which means Absolute Consciousness.
After you have found your peace and happiness there, you may go on with worldly existence and enjoy it if you wish. There is nothing lost because you are now inwardly detached, but you are no longer deceived.

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