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That is why we are here today – to find our lost awareness of the divine self, self in its largest and loveliest aspect, whilst passing through this transient terrene life. We haven’t lost this self, remember, we have only lost track of it, which is quite a different thing. We have retained awareness of other things. We are always aware of the body and we are generally aware of the intellect, but we are not even momentarily aware of That which animates both.
He who has attained this divine Consciousness thereafter identifies his own interests with those of The All. The welfare of all living creatures is close to his own heart. The subtle unity of life behind the myriad of individual lives is known to him by personal realization. Hence his own attitude towards everyone is that of perfect sympathy. To this rule he can make no exception. Just as the sun shines upon the good and evil alike, so does the man whose heart dwells in the kingdom of heaven radiate his own light upon the good and evil equally. That is, he exists within the element of divine love.
When you realize Truth – when you discover the Universal Self, or the Overself, when you realize and know it truly, then you will discover that there is only One Self, One Being – then you will know the real meaning of love. You will have a tolerance and sympathy that “passeth all understanding”.
Love that comes from understanding is the highest expression of love, and is not based on mere emotion or sentiment. Love based on understanding is the ability to put yourself into harmony with every creature, to know how all think and feel, and to do it with complete sympathy. Out of love’s reservoir of wisdom you think and act in perfect harmony with all living creatures.
Love is one thing, and sex is another one.
Sex is such a dynamic impulse in human nature, that if it is not brought to heel in some way it can play havoc with one’s life. But most efforts to eradicate it entirely usually result in failure and an aggravation rather than a diminution in the strength of the urge. Most of us are indeed but individual and unconscious mediums for this tremendous binding force which runs through all Nature.
We shall not shriek with hypocritical horror at mention of natural functions of the body, as at something mired in infamy, as we did in an earlier generation; neither shall we lose all decency and self-control every time passion rises.
Sex is as much a divine creation as any other element of man’s make-up. Life runs in parallel throughout the Universe; this duality which merges into unity is rooted in the same ground as everything sacred; and that which draws man to woman and makes him throw his arms around her, is nothing more or less than that force which draws the positive electrical pole toward the negative. Nor is that other notion which makes the functioning of sex entirely dependent on a conventional code whereby society lamely tries to protect itself much more creditable to man’s own wisdom.
Many married men have only half-wives. They find a wife for the body, but forget to find a wife for the mind. A wife should mate a man’s soul as well as his flesh.
I am God (“I and my Father are one")
In the Esoteric Path – a Path which leads to the Ultimate Reality, to Absolute Truth – there is neither Light nor Darkness, nor experiences, because we then learn to transcend time. Experiences which begin must also have an ending. We must find the Eternal which has no beginning and no ending (I Am the Alpha and the Omega).
Even though different people have different thoughts about God, it does not matter so long as we understand that these are merely thoughts, and depend upon the place where the individual stands. We then know that man is evolving through his various thoughts and ideas to the ultimate and highest concepts of God. When we discover that, then all ideas melt away and we become HARMONIZED WITH GOD instead of thinking ABOUT Him. Thought is a shadow, something secondhand, but TO BE means that we unify ourselves with God, and then we can really know Him. So you must give up thinking ABOUT Him and begin TO BE God, which means to become one with Him. Then knowledge and intelligence merge into God.
It is possible for everyone to find his way back to God because God is present in each of us. You must first look inwards and find the sacred atom in the heart – the spiritual self within. When you have found your inner spiritual self then you can look outwards again, and you will find the sun – in other words, the Universal Self. You will see God in every thing and every body – AFTER you have seen God in yourself.